Friday, November 9, 2007


Has anyone out there tried Jon Benson's new Healthy Over 40 program? If you havent, then you are wasting time! This is truly the key to what we have all been looking for!
Many of us are now baby-boomers and father time is wreaking havoc on our lives. Metabolisms are slowing down, waists are thickening, muscles are softening and most of all, our motivation to slow down this deterioration or even dare think to reverse it! How many of you, like myself, have tried diet pills, herbal boosters, low fat diets, low carb diets, high protein diets and every other kind of LOSE WEIGHT diet? How about the exercise programs? You know, the ones we all HATE but know we must do? Only to fail and give up on all of it. WHY? Do any of you ever really look at WHY we quit? We have a number of reasons (excuses) but one answer really stands out. MOTIVATION! Where does motivation come from? We look toward friends, personal trainers, the bathroom scales, our tight clothes, the doctor office visits, family members and the list goes on. Nope, these all help us to admit that we are losing the "battle of the bulge" but only one place truly motivates. OUR MIND! Here lies the key to Jon Benson's program.
I am now in my 50's and I have missed the life I used to live. An active life filled with outdoor activities. No one's fault but my own. I tried everything to "get back in shape". A few diets, some walking, a few short term gym memberships, some diet pills and numerous other remedies. Each time I made excuses like I am tired today, run down, not enough get up and go juice or emotional blues that would kill my diet and send me munching into the kitchen! Then I tried to convince myself that I was older, not a kid anymore, life changes and accept it. DONT! DO NOT for one minute accept this mental thought! ANYTHING is possible IF you want it bad enough! It does NOT require starving or even giving up ANY of the foods you so much enjoy! Does not require HOURS of sweating, huffing and puffing at the gym! This requires one thing: your mind. I am now (and hope to stay this way!) more fit than most american women 10+ years younger than myself. I needed something to make me want my old life back BAD ENOUGH! I am now more flexible, limber, stronger and on no more of a medication than a mult vitamin ! No high blood pressure, no border line diabetes, no heart warnings, no high cholesterol and no back or joint pains! With 4 grown children I can still race them to the mailbox and touch my toes where they can not! Went horse back riding last Sunday and climbed my son's 5 ft fence just to prove I could do it!
Truly, the motivation and exceptional information you will receive from this program is overwhelming! Do this for YOU! Do not sit back, make excuses and watch what is left of your life speed by! AND IT IS!! We all can agree that time passing is picking up momentum! If you have tried all the above and have not tried this, do yourself a favor. Open your mind and then open the pages of this program. You will not regret it, I promise! is really worth your time.